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Welcome to the Library

There has been much activity and lots of book borrowing in our library this year. We are making good use of our flexible furniture and our wonderful outdoor setting under the lovely old fruit trees. Students are keen to spend time reading and enjoying books. Our lunchtimes have seen a lot of happy chatter, reading, playing of board games, drawing and playing computer games with friends. At lunch time students can also continue adding their Premier’s Reading Challenge entries and the teacher librarians and library monitors are there to help.


We love students to borrow books from our school library. Books should be kept in a safe place at home and carried to and from school in a library bag. Help your child to accept responsibility for remembering to return books on the right day and to care for books properly.

Access to Oliver

If you or your child want to view the library catalogue at home, you can log on to the DEC Portal at Your child can then log in with their DEC username and internet password and by selecting ‘Oliver library' can then access 'Oliver' our catalogue. The Premier's Reading Challenge can also be accessed in this way.

Parents, carers and community members in the library

Parents, carers and community members are welcome to come to the library and browse in the collection. There is also the opportunity to help  with  borrowing books  for students, shelving and covering books. We look forward to seeing you sometime soon in the library. Please feel free to pop in. 

Library Monitors

Year 5 students are invited to become library monitors. They take on a leadership role and assist the students who come to the library at lunchtimes on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays each week. Year 6 students are also welcome to be library monitors. Our library monitors have recently begun an art initiative on Mondays at lunch time in the library. They assist students to do watercolour painting. Their enthusiasm and support for younger students is wonderful and it is a great leadership opportunity.

Ms Rebecca Favaloro

Telephone: 02 9797 8249