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Children at Dobroyd Point Public School are fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in the school's Italian Community Program.

The rich linguistic and cultural heritage of Dobroyd Point PS and its surrounding suburbs inspires students to engage fully in language learning.  This helps to develop cross-cultural understanding and the ability to apply these understandings when communicating in Italian. 

The main focus of the Italian program is for students to communicate in Italian.  Students are immersed in the Italian language classroom for two periods per week. The Italian program engages students to reflect and to build on the  Italian language learnt in younger years through listening, speaking, reading and writing. Thematic approach links in with the student's regular classroom topics.

There is a focus on language learning strategies so that students are increasingly able to listen and read for meaning and express themselves in Italian. Children enjoy learning through everyday conversation, singing, role play, games and interactive vocabulary games.                                     




 Useful Websites for students to practise their Italian: 

Engaging interactive tasks that introduce and reinforce student vocabulary. Activities are self-correcting.

Benefits of your child learning a new language.